Black Ops Sport-Specific Training

 Transform your Body. Elevate your Game.


Strength, Speed and Agility Training

Black Ops® key philosophy is that baseball players must train like baseball players. There must be a relationship between the work that’s done in the gym and how it translates to on-field performance. To that end, Black Ops classifies athletes into three separate categories: Speed Positions, Power Positions and Pitchers structures and the workouts accordingly.

Black Ops® training programs are specifically designed to condition players for the unique requirements of baseball and softball. To that end, it emphasizes large muscles of the core and extremities to improve strength, speed and agility. The program is specifically designed to translate to on-field performance and promote proper mechanics to help avoid injury. Built by Athletes for Athletes who want to take their game to the next level.

Improves Agility/Flexibility - Improves Speed – Decreases susceptibility to injury - Develops Endurance – Increases strength

Youth        $25 Session
High School $30 session
College/Pro $40 session

(Group rates:  6-10 athletes: $20 per player